Smart Mold Electrode Solution

In view of the complicated electrode processing in the mold industry and the low utilization rate of equipment such as CNC and EDM, the RFID tag is mounted on the electrode fixture to carry out identification and process recording during electrode process...

Industry demand and status

In the mold design and processing, it is necessary to manage a large number of mold electrodes, evaluate their cost, track their service life, and effectively transfer parameters at all links to avoid waiting for the machine due to poor data transmission. The full lifecycle management of electrodes is the key to improving the level and efficiency of manufacturing automation.

Problems with existing programs

At present, the industry faces problems such as low equipment utilization rate and high demand for operators. The specific performance is as follows:
CAM design and billet warehouse matching is difficult and error-prone;
CNC machining parameters are set by manual and low efficiency;

CMM measurement relies on manual data logging;
The EDM equipment has a low utilization rate, and the discharge preparation wastes a lot of time.

Technical solutions

Installing an RFID tag on the electrode for identification and information reading/writing of the electrode life cycle;
Install RFID readers on the electrode warehouse, CNC, CMM and EDM as the information exchange interface between the RFID tag and the host control system;
The RFID tag is used as the information carrier to realize the information interaction (M2M) between the electrode to device and the device to device, thereby reducing the processing assistance time of the device and improving the information transparency and response speed of each link.

Application effect
Reduce labor costs: Achieve the goal of one person to manage 3 CNCs, real-time collection and tracking of production data:
Improve processing efficiency: Reduce CNC tool change times and increase EDM discharge efficiency by more than 10%;
Achieve rapid response: Improve the design and manufacturing cycle of complex and diverse molds for fast response delivery.

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